Tintoretto - 1565
oil on canvas - 1224x536 cm
Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice

The scene takes places on the background with a gloomy sky, full of storm clouds as a thundery sky. The painting could result chaotic but it's really definite: the figures are grouped together in little groups. The focal point is Christ, in the middle of the opera, on the vertex of the triangular rock; under him, the are a lot of people. They are sad and they are crying because Jesus is dying. The perspective is linear: it wants capture the attention of the public on the figure of Christ. At the bottom right, there are two soldiers that are playing to win the life of Christ. On the first floor, the figures are black and white, they have a well modeled body and the line of the silhouette is emphasized: the faces are realistic as a portraits. On the background, the figures are painting with little touch of brush. The horses are put in a specular mood, as a mirror. The arms of Christ are open, as if they would embrace the world.

The colors are warm and there are three types of light: the first is the light of Christ, the second comes from mountains (behind Christ) and the third comes from the right of the painting. The atmosphere is religious because Tintoretto takes about the story of Christ. On the left, there is an architectonic element but also nature is another important element.

It's a noticeable painting because Tintoretto has represented the death of Christ in a realist mood.