Pala Pesaro

Tiziano - 1519/1526
oil on canvas - 478x268 cm
Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice

This painting was ordered by Jacopo Pesaro, a Cypriot bishop.

Mary's throne is on an hypothetical altar facing the right side, which is the same side of the original altar. In front of the steps, under the throne, there area the Saints Peter, Anthony and Francis. Anthony and Francis are there because they are homonyms of the customer's brothers. In the meanwhile, the baby is observing the stigmatas of St. Francis as a symbol of his religious passion. There is also St. George which is handling the standard of the Pesaro-Borgia family as a symbol of the victory in Istanbul during the crusades.

This painting is considered as a gloomy painting ante-factum, because all the members of the Pesaro family are represented in the painting. In the upper side of the painting there are two angels playing with a cross. The two columns in the background are painted as part of the background. Behind them, the sky which makes us notice that the scene takes place open-air.

The shining red of some clothes and of the standard is inspired by the chromatic tone of the "Assunta". The colors are shining and there aren't shaded colors but there is a strong opposition Between dark and shiny color tones. The dynamic animation reeches incredible levels and the pictorical space is extended on every side, it creates the illusion that the painting continues somewhere.